I grew up in Boise and have lived here as an adult since 1997. I went to North Jr. High and Boise High and have children that graduated in 2011 and 2013. I have been an educator for30  years. I am currently the director of The Cooperative Preschool. I co-founded and administered the Early Learner's Program for 9 years at Foothills School of Arts and Sciences - both schools are dear to me. As an educator I have always used photography extensively to document children's learning and experiences in an effort to make learning visible to the community of children, parents and teachers and the wider community. My photographs of children's experiences have been used extensively on websites, in presentations and on marketing materials.

I have a BA in Sociology from Colby College in Waterville, Maine and an MA in Early Childhood Education from BSU (go broncos!) I am a huge BSU fan attending all home football and basketball games. I am a beekeeper and on a curling team here in Boise. I love to travel and  hike.

Feel free to contact me any time if you have any questions. hayriley@gmail.com

EDUCATIONAL DOCUMENTATION This has been my work for many years and has been inspired by my research into the schools of Reggio Emilia, Italy. Documentation has been an essential element in my work as a teacher. It is a way of assessing both learning and curriculum and making it visible to all of the protagonists in the learning process. Photography was an essential element of my documentation - not just pictures of happy children, but series of photography the illuminate learning moments and children's intellectual engagement. Documentation shows the entire context of education because it shows the learning process inside the learning community. I have presented to university classes, the Boise Art Museum, the annual NAEYC Conference, and area schools on this subject. I also provide consulting on documentation in the classroom with teachers. This can be expensive for some schools. I have done fundraising programs with schools where they can contract for documentation professional development support or just pictures of children. I can work with teachers to support curriculum through documentation and help with photography of the project. These projects can be posted here in a private password protected gallery so that only the school community can have access. Members of the community can buy pictures and this can help fund the consulting. Or, have me come in and document the everyday life of the program and the children or a special event or performance. Just taking pictures of the children at school or in a class - and post them as a fundraising project for your organization. 20% of the profits from the pictures will be donated back to your school or organization. Please contact me if you have questions. hayriley@gmail.com, director@cooperativepreschool.org - www.cooperativepreschool.org

YOUTH SPORTS and ORGANIZATIONS for YOUNG PEOPLE  I have taken pictures of a wide variety of sports including indoor rock climbing, swimming, soccer, hockey, football, basketball, skiing, volleyball and track - and am always excited to try a new sport! I have taken pictures for the IdahoSports.com in the past. I am always interested in shooting  sporting events upon request and will work with individuals or teams  on fees based on time and number of athletes we are looking to cover.

I also shoot many youth programs such as Balance Dance Company, Open Arms Dance and have done some work for the Boise Contemporary Theater, The  Boise Art Museum and Rafael House in San Francisco. This kind of work hits a sweet spot for me - photographing and documenting young people's passion, dedication, learning and commitment. I am always interested in working with new organizations that are committed to children, families and youth.

PORTRAIT WORK  I shoot a lot of senior pictures and children's pictures. I love working with young people. With seniors I have a small indoor studio and can shoot drapes for yearbooks - although my favorite work is natural light and in the fall and spring I spend a lot of time in interesting and beautiful spaces around Boise taking pictures of seniors in high school. I charge by the hour and do not do any of my own printing. 

With families or children's shoots I book by the hour and plan to spend the time at a park or outside at home. This way I can work with children as they play and enjoy themselves. I will group families up sporadically during this time to get group shots, but also work hard to get plenty of high quality candids.

Families pay for shooting and post production work and walk away with a disc of their pictures. I book a limited number of seniors each season due to my busy schedule in fall and spring as the director of The Cooperative Preschool. Please contact me for pricing and scheduling information - hayriley@gmail.com

ANIMALS I really enjoy taking pictures of animals and often animals are included in family or portrait shoots. I have taken pictures for Carita Havanese newborn puppies and her agility and champion dogs. Animals are always natural and often a challenge!

GRAPHIC WORK - I enjoy working in Photoshop and InDesign creating publications. I am happy to work with teams or families to create books, posters or brochures. I create The Children's School yearbook each year.

OTHER - I am always open to trying new things and have done a lot of that over the years. I have created stock photos for both the Boise Art Museum, the WCA and Zeppole, documented events for the Nampa Fire Department and the VA Psychology Department, created product catalogs for artists and documented the making of a short film. What I enjoy is working with people to create great pictures that say something about the subject.